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  From the first wobbly, unstable boards the beginner windsurfer found it difficult to learn. As their design improved it became easier and the latest models well, you won't believe how easy it is particularly with an experienced sailboarder teaching you. Now, from models for the aspiring racer, down to those for the whole family, everyone can enjoy the sport in a wide variety of windsurfing conditions.
The boards
  Certain designs can deliver excellent light wind performance, high-wind control and have exciting speed potential. They are now more stable than the early designs. They are ergonomic, durable, fun and more exciting to ride. Equally they are smooth to jibe and quick to plane which makes the learning process faster for new windsurfers. As you improve you will find yourself planing confidently and that's when the real addiction kicks in!
The Fins
  Windsurfing fins and accessories are one of the most important pieces of equipment in your whole
setup. It is amazing the difference in performance in various conditions, certain sizes and quality fins can make.
The Masts
  Two piece masts are best for ease of transportation. With the introduction of carbon and Kevlar the product is lighter, stronger and returns quicker to its original shape therefore giving the whole rig an effortless feel and better balance. They are far superior than the aluminium and fiberglass masts of the past. There are now masts to suit every situation.
The Masts bases, extensions and tools
  Quick connect bases in a huge range of versatilities are available from the top end racers using carbon down to the beginner. There are tools now for ease of rigging as well down-hauling.
The sails
  Quality made sails that are light and durable are ideal for recreational windsurfers.
Bright trendy designs make each one distinctive which is handy in a race!
The materials they are made from are UV stabilized, rip resistant and of course water proof.
The booms
Booms can have a great impact on the overall wind range and balance of your rig. Stiffness, swing weight, ease of adjustment and grip diameter all contribute to the performance of your rig and a proper choice will pay dividends every time you head out on the water.

The accessories and parts
  Improve on the performance of your current board and equipment. The latest equipment and accessories are available from our on-line shop. Quiver bags, mast protectors boom front protectors etc. they're all there.
The Buzz
  Carving turns and speed boat like speeds can be achieved in relatively light breezes. That's the feeling windsurfing is all about! There have been beginners achieving that exhilarating experience after just a few hours on a board.
The Explosion
  Due to the ease of use of the new wide style boards, windsurfing is currently experiencing a growth boom world wide.
Getting Started
  Get a Lesson. Having an expert teach you enables you
have fun much sooner. You'll get advice on the
equipment best suited for you.

Tropical Watersports provide the lessons and they'll
include the equipment if required
Whats my scene
  As you progress in the sport you will find yourself
branching into the styles of windsurfing that suit you..
  Many windsurfers ride just for the sheer pleasure of
planing across the blue water on a warm and sunny day.
  If you like speed, racing will appeal to you. The
current world speed record is pushing 45 knots.
  Some will have a more funky approach to the
sport performing tricks on the water.
This style of windsurfing is known as freestyle
and has many similarities to modern skateboarding.
  For many the ultimate buzz is found in the waves.
It has much in common with surfing but with the
added dimension of jumping 40ft jumps, double
loops and whacking lips on monster waves is a way
of life for many die hard wave-sailors
Shop with Tropical Watersports today
for quality equipment at the best prices!

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