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  Types of boards

Longboard Sizes 10'0", 9'4", 9'1"
Classic wood longboards single fin & fcs side fins options. Custom polyester longboards with thruster fins. Custom polyester single fin classic nose rider performance. Epoxy molded longboard with mini tuttle side fins.
Shortboards Sizes 7'10", 6'9", 6'6", 6'4"
  Custom polyester hybrid innovative fast slashy longbord / shortboard hybrid with fcs thrusters. Custom polyester classic intermediate shortboard fcs thrusters. Epoxy molded entry shortboard fcs thrusters.
Soft surfboards by Force, shapes designed for pro level performance. Amazing graphics! Durability and the latest in fins system. Naish longboards combine classic lines with modern features to deliver exemplary performance in all conditions. Features easy to ride performance longboards. Great new look and Naish quality. 
Shapes-classic longboard designs
  Naish shortboards are developed on Hawaii's north shore to deliver cutting-edge surfing performance.
Features- Ripping shortboards-an innovative 6'6 Hybrid that sets new standards; great new look and Naish quality.
Shapes modern shortboard designs. Innovative Hybrid shortboard design.
Board hardware
  Leashes: Made from high tensile strength polyurethane. Competition, surfboard, funboard, longboard leashes, molded ends.
Invented by BALIN. - Refined over time. Light weight / slimline design. High tensile chemical bond. Naval Grade Brass or stainless Swivels, Heavy Duty Hook & loop Fastener, Double layer Neoprene comfort pad, Key Pockets.
Leashes, swim fins, Neoprene fin soxs, Lycra fin soxs, Fin savers, Rope Plugs, Nose tips, FIN Boxes, Thruster fin sets, malibu fins classic & modern designs, Plastic, poly carb, fibregass fins, Bodyboard covers, Skim board covers, stretch covers, tour covers, export, travel, aircell, polyethelyne covers, shortboard & longboard covers, deck grips, reef boots, softrax/tie downs, tide & time
clocks, water sports helmets etc.
  BALIN. Born in 1974 their leashes were designed to protect
against the waves of Bali's famous Uluwatu, from smashing
boards against the cliffs. Advanced leash design with
urethane cords and their unique
"molded end" now a standard around
the world. Leashes have been time and
surf tested for over 30 years developing a
worldwide reputation for quality and strength.
All leashes are designed by surfers. A full
6-month guarantee against faulty
workmanship and materials is offered.
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yourself the best gear on the market!

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