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Equipment Supplies

  Windrush CatamaransCaper CatCalypso Sail Craft
Catamarans are a light weight sailing boat designed with two hulls joined with a frame, they are a fast paced boat lending itself as an exciting and sometimes challenging water sport for the enthusiastic sportsman of today.
  Calypso , Windrush , Caper cat.
  Ideal for family recreational fun, holiday hire equipment, adventure, racing classes
or to just unwind over the weekend.
Hire or School. Calypso Resort 4 cat rigged. And yes, Fleet discounts with
2 or more boats.
Calypso Resort 5 sloop rigged.
Windrush 14 hire cats, cat rigged.
Windrush 14 cat or sloop rigged/super sloop rigged
Calypso 14 'Rocket' - Sloop Rigged with Trapeze.
Caper cat 14 sloop rigged.
Calypso 4.4 - Cat Rigged with Trapeze
Calypso 16 - Racing and cruising sloop rigged

Tropical Water Sports can offer new and used equipment,
some of these items are;
Trailer Sailbox, Roll-A-Cat Beachroller-plastic wheels, Roll-A-Cat
Beachroller-Rubber Wheels, outboard motor bracket, jib furler kit,
tiller extension, harnesses, trapeze kits, life jackets, wetsuits,
gloves, mast head floats and of course catamarans.

Sail into our online shop today to view our
extensive parts, accessories
and catamarans

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