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Australian made and Over seas Products.

Canoes, Scanoes, in two and three seater models. Pedal boats, in three and five passenger models (2 adults, 1 child) or (2 adults, 3 children) Sit on Craft, Surf skis, Enduro Skis, Kayaks, Sea Kayaks, Single and Two-seater Kayaks, Training Skis, Racing skis, Sit-inside Kayaks, and White Water Crafts.
  Types of Equipment Uses; Range from Recreational Paddling, Fun in Surf, Ocean Paddling, Rapids, White Water, Fishing, Exploring, Camping, Touring, Fitness Training, Leisurely Paddles, Family Fun, Hiring out Equipment and Craft suitable for diving from. Equipment can be used by young and old alike. Excellent for the beginner who is new to paddling in rivers, lakes, streams, dams, harbours, or being at one with nature exploring the world of water!

The latest performance materials combined with the best brands recognized by consumers; construction using lightweight rigid FIBREGLASS or flexible PLASTIC materials enhance their longevity and eliminates the need to repair, stable designs yet lightweight, durable craft suitable for everyday family or hire use.

WHITE WATER CRAFT: Perform well with the ability to regain original shape in white water applications.
SURF SKIS: Roto molded foam sandwich, unsinkable, seamless. Centre adjustable fins and triple thruster sets for surfing, quick release buckles, adjustable seat belts, seat pads, Funky or Traditional designs, a variety of great looking colours and decals. Can be used by all the family and friends in tough environments like being dumped in the surf or dragged up the beach. Best of all...value for money products!
KAYAKS: 'Sit-on-top craft' in a range of great colours. One or two person models with optional cute dinky seat for one of the kids. Craft with long foot positions, long seating positions, self draining decks, storage, hatches with built in bags, additional storage, inspection ports, buoyancy foam built in, craft with all-round grab ropes, drain plugs, models with streamlined keel design for surfing down waves, easy carry straps/handles, latest one-piece designs.
  Kayak and skis. Snap lock rod holders, seat cushions/pads. Full back support seats and drink bottle holders. Durable and unsinkable paddles. Helmets, paddle holders, paddle coil leashes, kayak deck bags, kayak sit-on and sit-in sport/touring backrest, Kayak spray skirts, roof racks. Tie down straps, PFD vests, throw bags and paddle covers.  
  Canoes and Scanoes
  From 13'6" to 17'5'' Long Touring. One and three seaters. Impact resistance, safety and security through added buoyancy, memory capacity...the ability to regain the original shape after a major impact, hull rigidity, superior finishes. Insulation from cold water, noise and vibrations, molded seats or webbed seats standard, rod and drink holders, optional stadium seats, canoe padded chair, seat cushions, canoe knee pads, under-seat bags, thwart bag, wood and aluminium/plastic paddles. Scanoes only built-in motor mount on transom tri-keeled hull for superior stability. 53 cubic feet of interior, universal canoe motor mount, roof racks, tie down straps, PFD vests, outboard covers, sounder covers, lure bags and paddle covers.
  Pedal boats
with optional stainless steel motor mount.
Pedal boat 2-3 branch deluxe canopies,
pedal boat mooring covers, stainless
steel crankshaft for salt water use,
thermoformed cushion seats,
adjustable seat backs, step-on
cooler lids, outboard covers,
PFD Vests.
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