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Life Vests are designed to preserve and save lives, they have been designed to turn an unconscious person from face down in the water to a vertical or slightly backward position.
As you wll see, there are lots of design features to help you with safety and manoeuvrability for your water sport.
  Come on in and browse our shop to find your selected features that are required for your water sport.

Various vests have different features
and some of these include:
  • will not lose its buoyancy if cut or punctured
  • Reflective tape for when the unfortunate delima happens makes it easier to search
  • side entry design for easy entry/exit
  • heavy-duty buckles
  • webbing for a snug fit
  • integrated lumbar support provide unmatched comfort flexibility of movement
  • Mesh drain holes prevent water logging
  • quick lock buckles insure that you stay locked in for your entire ride
  • hidden belts offers a clean look that won't get in the way
  PFD1 (Personal Flotation Device)
  Has sufficient flotation to support the body and head and reflective tape for visibility. The flotation collar keeps your head above water.
For use in smooth, partially smooth and open waters.
suitable for offshore boating. Solas & coastal life
jackets are accepted as PFD Type 1 for recreational
safety equipment purposes. Must comply with
Australian Standard 1512.
PFD2 (Personal Flotation Device)
  Will keep you afloat but does not have a collar to
keep your head above water. For use in smooth and
partially smooth waters. Good for water skiing, PWCs
sailing boats and dinghies. Must comply with
Australian Standard 1499
PFD3 (Personal Flotation Device)
  Has the same buoyancy as PFD2 although colours are
not as visible. May be a specified buoyancy wetsuit. For
use in smooth water and only where the user is likely to
be in the water for a short time. Must comply with
Australian Standard 2260
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