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  Kite Surfing is the latest heart-pounding action, gravity-defying water sport that exhilarates you with each gust of wind that propels your body 40 or so feet above the crashing waves.

Thrill seekers world wide are being bitten by the Kite Surfing bug and flocking to the beaches, setting sail and flying across the top of the ocean while balancing on a board and launching their bodies into squalls of wind. It really is breath taking to just sit and watch this sport. Complete Kiteboarding packages. Beginners to pro riders.

Styles of Kiteboards
Beginners, schools, lightwind weapons, surf shape styles, ultimate wave riding machines, wakestyle. Kiteboards. Thruster surfboards for kiteboarding and Pro models with quick up-to-speed and offering pop and edge control!
"Menace" high performance med/high aspect kite aimed at total market domination, representing a new way of thinking for the Liquid Force kiteboarding division. Built for big boosting and no whip tricks. Minimal leading edge and strut diameter reducing wind resistance. Built-in spider inflation, 5th line leash system and reinforced 5th line bridle attachment points. sizes, 6m, 8m, 10m, 12m, 14m, 17m.

"Assault" New high performance bridle kite design, with complete control of the power generated by the kite. Proven re-launch system with no 5th line required.
Low medium aspect, wide kite wind range. Sizes, 9m, 12m, 16m.

"M-80" The ultimate wakestyle and waveriding kite. Parks still in the window
and pulls like a dozer. Innovative low aspect combined with fast turning.
Hidden spider inflation built into the leading edge. Three reinforced 5th
line bridle attachment points.
Equipped with a 5th line leash
system which runs through the
ergonomic shaped bar. Clean stylish
surf style looking bag, lots of pockets.
sizes, 5m, 7m, 9m, 12m, 16m, 20m.

Control Systems
High performance carbon bars. Shaped
center perfect for one handed manoeuvers.
M80/Menace & Assault control systems
standard bars, pulley bars, conversion kits.

Various Accessories
Covers and quivers, Bags, Impact vests, Harness and helmets,
Waterwear, Trolleys and Roofracks, Tie down straps, Windmeters.

Replacement parts
Boots and Strap kits, Safety leashs, Line sets, Pumps.

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